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It’s estimated that there will be 2.14 billion digital buyers in 2021. That makes Internet the best and the biggest platform to sell. We can help you set up and grow an online store on Amazon, Shopify, BigCommerce, or any other platform. We can also help you find dropshipping suppliers so you will not have to buy any inventory.

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More and more businesses and customers are turning towards eCommerce and this trend will only accelerate in post-corona economy. If you are looking to expand your reach and reach a huge customer base by setting up online stores, we can help. You can be a brick and mortar store looking to set up an online channel or someone who wants to have your own business. Doesn’t matter which platform you want to use, we have extensive knowledge of Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento, and more. 

1.8 billion people shop online goods and 50% of users prefer to shop online than visiting a store. These stats show how crucial eCommerce is for a business. 

Our Ecommerce marketing plan uses a 360 degree approach to get more visitors and sales from your website. We will work on your store’s SEO, shopping campaigns, social media, content, and email marketing to build a never ending stream of sales.  

eCommerce Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

E-Commerce SEO

eCommerce SEO is a specialist’s job. You need to optimize your products and categories page in a way that works with both, your customers and search engines.

Starting from $525/month.

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E-Commerce search engine optimization can be an unusually simple, yet daunting task. If you are unaware of the proper keywords that you must naturally add to your texts, you may risk being filtered by Google. Yet, overused keywords can also or scantily placed keywords that can have more or less the same effect – thus, SEO does not naturally come to most amateur eCommerce marketing developers.

On the other hand, it is one of the fundamentals of eCommerce marketing – once you hit the jackpot and your website starts ranking higher of SERPs, you can generate higher returns on investment through it. 

Unlike paid ads, PPC marketing, and affiliate marketing, SEO helps passively generate income once it has been successfully established. It also brings in a stable amount of organic traffic and sales are also increase incrementally.   Have questions? Click here to get in touch.


Social Media Marketing

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest can help you reach and engage your target customers.

Starting from $325/month.

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Although social media marketing is a relatively new domain, it is quickly gaining popularity – especially with the increased amount of reach it can offer, that too conveniently and cost-effectively. Through social media, pictorially displaying your products has become easier. Moreover, through micro-bloggers and influencers, one can effectively market their products by reaching out to a specific audience. Thus, gaining followers who have similar tastes and interests seems like a piece of cake. Additionally, this helps a brand create a loyalty community through its products that are interconnected – thus, ensuring exponential growth in the long-run. 

Although, it does have its drawbacks. This has to do with the uncertainty and trial and error that is inevitable through social media marketing. Since social media was not initially designed for online marketing, it can be rather difficult to assess the revenue generated through investments required to boosts posts. Additionally, one requires active engagement to keep the audience hooked on to something new. That is why social media can both be a boon or bane for your company – depending on how it is handled. Let’s get started.

Paid Ads

PPC campaigns are the quickest way to get your first few sales. We can help you set up and run advertising campaigns on platforms like Adwords, Google Shopping, and Facebook.

Starting from $375/month.

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Whether you opt for a Google ad campaign or a space at a host site, paid ads can help you generate substantial ROI. Google shows your product on SERPs, thus there is a higher probability of it being sold to a customer who is looking for something similar. 

Links to your sit on other pages can also help generate organic traffic to your page. These are usually up for bidding at a designated space on each site. Whereas, Google Ads help make sure that the ad shows up after you have successfully run a Google Ad campaign. Product Listing Ads 

A quick way of converting browsers into buyers is through shopping ads or product listing ads. All you need is run an authentic shopping ad campaign and upload clear pictures of your products through Google Ads. These shall be conveniently displayed on Google search; once a potential buyer types in the relevant keyword. 

On the search engine result page, numerous products are displayed and a buyer can glimpse through them conveniently – comparing the reviews and different price points of each product. This is an effective method of not only generating organic traffic to your page but also converting them into buyers. Thus, knowing your competition and adding lower price points, or offering free shipping can help boost sales.  

Once you have set up the product listing ad, Google will bring up your product each time a relevant keyword is searched for. This will help you keep up sales in the long-run, without putting in much effort into modifying SEO, or repaying sites for displaying adds. Thus, increasing return on investment.  Let’s get started.



Content Marketing

Content is one of the most overlooked aspects of ecommerce marketing. You need a good inbound marketing strategy to survive and thrive in the longer run.

Starting from $455/month.

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Content marketing can be done through several parameters like blogging, vlogging, publishing articles, through infographics or by interacting with your audience online through comments or live feed. This way, the audience will not only feel heard but you can get effective customer feedback to reshape your brand – thus, ensuring customer loyalty as well. 

 Companies are now becoming more mindful of hiring specialized teams for content marketing. 75% of brands have 43% of personnel who are skilled in content marketing. This high percentage emphasizes the need for content marketing in boosting businesses online. 

Effective branding is established through content marketing that directly addresses the concerns of their customers – hence, ensuring loyalty and trustworthiness. That is why content marketing is crucial game-changer for a positive brand image and improved public relations.  

Not only this, once you have functional platforms for content marketing – whether it is through a blog or a video – you can use backlinking to reach out to a greater audience. Sites and content marketers with the same products, niche or followers will be more interested in your products. Have questions? Click here to get in touch.

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