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We can help you carve out a protfitable business from your passion or hobby. Niche websites or YouTube channels can help you become an influencer and authority in your target niche and grow into a reliable source of earning.

Niche Websites Are The New ‘Real Estate’

Investing in and owning a niche website with a premium Aged .com domain name is one of the most reliable, and proven successful ways to start making passive, and residual income every single month on the internet.

Think of premium domain names that are authority niche websites or online businesses as ‘virtual real estate’. In the past, if someone wanted to make residual income, they would invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into buying a property or house, and then hopefully after paying the mortgage, taxes, repairs and administrative expenses they would make some money from collecting rent. (By the way, owning income producing real estate is not passive!)

Today, there is a smarter, faster, and cheaper way of doing it. Instead of investing in actual physical real estate, you invest in ‘Virtual Real Estate”. Start by owning premium grade “A” aged .com domain names are the essential building blocks needed to create the best ‘Virtual Real Estate’, then from that foundation develop the site into a quality niche site and have it marketed fro online exposure. The good news is our team of developers and SEO experts do all the work for you.

Niche websites have the potential to generate residual income for you. Substantial income that is… thousands of dollars every month and the more you own, the more potential there is to generate even more opportunity for success on the internet.

Our Team of Niche Experts Handle All The Work For You …

Step 1: Find Interesting and Profitable Niche Markets For You

Not all niche markets are created equal. Both research and strategy are needed when deciding which niche’s have the best potential for a specific targeted audience and for making money.

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This is where our knowledge and professional team comes in. Our experts have done their homework.

Finding a great, profitable niche is an ‘art form’ that involves finding a group of people that have an urgent need and are looking for a solution online, and then providing them with a solution to fit and address their needs. That is what is at the core of providing a good user experience.

Over the years, we have taken a scientific approach to finding profitable niche markets with extremely high accuracy. Our professional team removes all the guesswork and the trial and error from the equation. We do all the niche market research for you, giving you the best chance of succeeding online.

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Step 3: Build A Website Based On That Niche And Its Keywords

After careful research and due diligence, the website is created for you. This is a custom built, professional niche website. Your niche website will be built around the best possible keywords for your market.

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There is a science to what the website should look like. Everything is important, from where the images are located, all the way to the color schemes and the themes being used on your website. All of these elements play a big role in the success of your niche website.

Overall, we create a very user-friendly experience for your website visitors. We configure relevant new content to appear on your site on a regular basis. This dynamic content keeps web visitors coming back to visit your niche site often. Many times your site users and visitors will even place links to your site which will help you to get good ‘organic links’ and that will continue to build more steady traffic to your site and add even further value to your niche business.

You are also able to add original content to your site at any time. By including original content to your site this will add to your success as an authoritative niche website even faster. You may write this original content yourself or you can hire someone like us to provide that for you as well.

In addition to all of this content, we will automatically configure related and relevant videos to be streaming into your niche web site on a regular basis. This concentration of highly related videos will bring quality user traffic to your site quickly and easily. This will continue to grow as your website become more and more well known in its niche.

After we design your website, we make sure that it’s 100% ‘Google Friendly’, which means we handle a whole bunch of technical, coding work on the back-end to ensure that your site is structured exactly how Google wants it for superior rankings.

This is a very crucial process, that is often a ‘make it or break it’ moment for your website.

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Step 2: Find The Keywords That ‘Buyers’ and Your Targeted Audience Use

When Doing Searches on the Internet Keyword research is the second most important part of the entire process. Once you find the right market, you want to make sure you have the right keywords. 

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You want to generate your site’s content around these keywords.

There are 2 kinds of keywords out there: ‘Curious Keywords’ and ‘Keywords with Buyer Intent’.

‘Curious Keywords’ are the ones that people search for on Google when they are just doing some research on a particular topic. Usually, they have no intention of buying anything online, or they are still at the very early stages of the buying process. These words are useful for generating traffic and helping to establish a website as an authority site.

On the other hand, ‘Keywords with Buyer Intent’ are the keywords that serious people search for in Google when they are ready to buy something immediately. Most of the time, they have already done their research, and they are ready to take action and buy something right away.

Our team is trained to find and include the best mix of ‘Keywords for Traffic AND Buyer Intent’ for your niche market, giving you the most potential to grow and profit from your niche site.

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Step 4: Optimize Your Website for Google and Bing

The final step is to get your website to be ranking in Search for the related keywords we choose. Studies show that 90% of people looking to buy something online will do business with websites that are readily found in Google and Bing. 

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We implement cutting edge SEO strategies to get your site ranking in Google in as little as 30-45 days. We are very careful in this process. We live in a post-Google “Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon” update world so our search engine knowledge and experience is critical for this stage of the process.

When your site is starting to be indexed by the major search engines for your related and important keywords, that provides a clear track and pathway toward your success. That traction will continue as you provide a good user experience and are adding more relevant content and videos. You will attract more ‘red hot’ buyers who have their credit card in hand, ready to buy as you go along. You’ll notice your website traffic and sales increase steadily and significantly, with the power of your very own niche site. There are always several different ways that you can and will generate sales revenue and monetize profits from your niche site.

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Common Questions & Answers

Why Should I “Invest” In Internet Website Properties?

If you plan on using various investments and savings as a way to maintain financial stability in your life, it pays for you to be diversified. Furthermore, a portion of your portfolio of savings is better if it is in something that you have some control and effect upon. Unlike stocks and bonds that fluctuate according to other forces outside of your control, website investments are something that you can affect yourself and/or through your own influence or by using a hired individual or company. This gives you some real power and sway over your investments. Buying high-quality sites that require little if any upkeep, and are continuously updated with relevant and useful content, are an appreciating asset as more pages and content is being created! Also, as more users and targeted people and traffic become familiar with your site, you are gaining more of a targeted audience for your niche which can also lead to other opportunities down the road.

Is there a value in the brand or domain name itself?

Many times there have been terrific amounts of money made by just owning and investing in a good domain name. Almost always these are .com domains. The domain name alone can be a huge opportunity to have an appreciating and profitable investment. However, with that said, it is always better still to have a website residing on the domain name rather than just an empty domain name. This helps the domain name to garner some quality organic backlinks, builds related user traffic and provides recognition in the niche for the domain name. Therefore, this investment process that we offer is the absolute best way to capitalize on your website investments over time. The traffic you receive can offer a cash flow income to you that can be far better than receiving “dividends” in many cases.

How long until I see results from my Niche site?

Depending on the sites that you have purchased or ordered, your website and its related keywords may take 14 days and up to 12 weeks for you to see your various keywords increasing in search engine ranking.

Are your SEO Services Google Safe (ie. Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon Safe)?

Maybe you have read about all the many Google updates called Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird, Pigeon among others. Those are Google search engine algorithm updates that have caused major controversy within the SEO industry. Simply put, Google is penalizing websites that are not providing a good user experience.

All of our SEO services and websites are absolutely Google Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird and Pigeon safe, as well as being safe from all other algorithmic updates. This is mainly because we don’t try to trick the search engines. Our site creation and administration is handled by a professional SEO team.


Are Any of Your SEO Services Considered Spam?

No, we do not practice any sort of spam back-linking process at all. Our approach is to provide a truly beneficial and effective user experience. That way visitors and people in the niche will generally want to link to your site organically. That is why Google loves them so much. A useful niche website site is one that provides relevant, timely and up-to-date information in its niche. It is also a site that has a decent amount of videos on it to cater to the rising amount of mobile traffic that is on the internet.

How Can I Make Money With My Niche Site?

You can earn money with your site using Clickbank.com, Amazon.com products, direct affiliate marketing products and services, and Adsense as well as many other ad networks that are available. Additionally, you may choose to sell direct products or drop-shipped products on your site too.

Who Picks the Niche Market?

Generally, we do the market research, and choose the best possible niche for you… but if you already have a niche market in mind, we will go with that. As one possible starting pint, you may see the available investment sites that we have on hand that can be updated and adjusted toward a strategy that works for you. Our team has been busy producing some various different types of website investments along the way while we learned what worked best.

How Do I Decide On Which Niche Sites to Choose?

We can offer you this wise bit of advice. Pick subject matters that you have an interest in, OR are an important extension of an existing business you may be in or affiliated with. Your interest level and knowledge can be useful and vital to the niche if you want to participate more actively. If you feel like adding more of your own original content or using third-party writers to generate more original content to your site, your interest and knowledge level will make you better equipped to guide others. Remember, not only can you make a lot of money with niche websites but you can also have a lot of fun and make a lot of good friendships in your niche area of influence as well.

Why Should I Start With Buying Your Sites Rather Than Building My Own or Buying Them Somewhere Else?

We have tremendous experience with many, many websites and web businesses over 15 years. We have search engine knowledge and the vision of where the internet has been and where it is headed. When you purchase from us, you are standing on our shoulders of experience and getting way above the crowd right off the bat. We know that you need a real value to stand the test of time. We know that you want something you can be proud of owning and to provide you with income and a genuine business opportunity. All of these aspects go into our work. Not only does this put you on the path toward success, but it also saves you a ton of time and work and trial and error. We recommend that you become a user of your own sites. Read them, add articles in them, share them in your social media posts etc.. The fun and the extra money is just the beginning. These sites will build a very nice income and also hold a very nice resale value for you over time… and from there, the sky is the limit!

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